Just because litigation is expensive for others, doesn't mean it has to be for you.

The Law Offices of Melissa B. Buchman are a solution-focused practice specializing in family law and mediation.  This means we aim to keep attorney's fees low so clients can walk away from one of the most stressful times in their lives still having money in their pockets.  

We represent all income levels including low and modest income, working with clients to provide the most cost-effective legal representation.

The firm stays up-to-date on the diverse aspects of family law, investing in their ongoing education to ensure that each client is well-represented.  Our practice is committed to remaining responsive, current, and personalized, using a solid foundation of legal experience in a variety of settings.

When appropriate for the case and the client, the Law Offices of Melissa B. Buchman collaborate with a team of individuals with skills tailored to the client's particular case needs.  We can develop a team of experts such as forensic accountants, educational consultants, appraisers, psychiatrists and psychologists, retired judges, and other expert witnesses to zealously advocate your best interests.  

Marriage is grand, but divorce shouldn't cost a 100 grand.