Others see divorce as an end, but we see it as a beginning -- the beginning of the next phase of your life.  As such, we want you to start the rest of your life on the best foot forward, both financially and emotionally.  

Custody & Support

The Law Offices of Melissa B. Buchman take a child-centric approach to ensure the best interests of the child are always met.  From paternity actions to post-judgment modifications of custody and support, we are fully equipped to handle the most complex of custody issues.

Mediation & Collaborative Law

Not all family law matters have to be contentious.  Mediation is an expeditious and cost-effective way for couples to maintain autonomy over their own dissolution.  Studies show litigants prefer to avoid the stress of court hearings and want more control over the decisions made regarding their family.  At the Law Offices of Melissa B. Buchman, we can mediate couples through a divorce, or consult with a party already amidst the mediation process.